Multi-City Tours

Planning a national multi-city tour? Take our professional photo experts with you throughout your planned multi-city tour. Our equipment is shipped in road worthy ATA cases for safe arrival to your event location(s). Single stations can accommodate 100's of guests or multiple stations can accommodate 1000's of guests at a corporate branded event. We work together to outline the goals of your photo marketing campaign in a way that will maximize the customer brand experience. Realtime sharing to mobile devices and websites can be branded for sponsorships. Guests are going to want to share their photo experience with their friends and family, so we make it easy to link our event photos with social media. Connecting consumers with social media is a great way to drive business as well as attract new customers. Just a single share can result in thousands of views, drastically increasing the reach of your brand!

Drive traffic to your booth and keep attendees engaging with your brand longer with interactives that enhance your brand and encourage data sharing. Instant digital photography works at trade exhibitions & trade conferences, corporate mixers and product launches. Visitors instantly share the branded photos online, rapidly promoting your brand to new audiences. Uniquely we use custom built green screens which are made to Film Studio specifications. We use a mixture of a very special green screen backdrop, hollywood effects or paparazzi lighting and digital photography software to achieve this, and we do it very quickly. This might also be referred to as step and repeat photography or Click, Print & Upload.

Trade shows are the biggest events of the year for many companies. They are designed to help marketers build brand, awareness, introduce new products and services, generate sales leads, and foster emotional connections with your customers. Providing an interactive and entertaining way to engage booth traffic is critical and we are here to make it easy!

Wow! One-Of-A-Kind Experiences

Create A Home Court Advantage" With Free Professional Headshots

Tired of a lacking, non-inspiring branding presence at your Marketing Event?

Interested in doing something unique at your trade show booth to increase traffic, generate greater lead potential and excitement?

Why not combine a winning strategy for attracting quality leads along with providing business Headshots for attendees at trade events...right on location at your trade booth, conference, convention or fundraiser with an ultra-compact photo social media upload system and a professional photographer. Instant professional headshots called "Insta" HeadShots are taken of the event attendees onsite and right within your trade show booth space. Read More

The Original Butt Sketch - As seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Original Butt Sketch is a fun, fast, flattering sketch of one or more people. It's perfect for any event where people have butts. A sketch takes about 2-1/2 minutes to complete and has been entertained the world over. People have had a good time getting it done.Read More

Made-to-order Espresso Bars

Made-to-order espresso bars at red carpet events, corporate events & conferences with top-quality espresso. Also offering Shaved Ices coffee and donuts. Just wait until you taste your first sip - you will not be disappointed!Read More

Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice

What can be better than the cool, melt-in-your-mouth, shave ice combined with a rich and creamy scoop of ice cream? Read More

Live Screen Printing Event Activations

Live Screen Printing events involve screen printing on T-shirts, tote bags, posters, bandanas, sweatshirts, aprons, koozies, record jackets, scarves & flatstock. Read More

The Singing Servers

Corporate & event singing servers surprise act. Our three singing waiters do all the things you expect waiters to do: helping people to their seats, serving where appropriate, and generally being helpful and charming so that throughout the beginning of food service the guests completely accept them as part of the service staff. Each singing server is unique but believable. So now the stage is set, and one by one, events begin to unfold... and The Three Servers bring a show to life before your guests’ eyes, without them even knowing it’s a show! Sponsor the 3 Singing Servers for your event's breakfast, lunchoen or hosted cocktail hour. Read More

Cigar Rollers Catered Events

Cigar rollers, innovative cigar events with top, sociable cigar roller talent, Premium cigars, custom cigar bands created by graphics designers, cigar servers, experienced in-house event planners and a dedication to using only the first grade of Dominican Ligero blend – this is CF Dominicana Cigars. Your cigar roller can be matched with Cigar Servers and Custom Cigar Bands are designed to be on each cigar presented at thte event. The best part is the cigars are great, the rollers are experienced know how to interect with attendees which is really what it’s all about, entertainment for the attendees. Read More

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Photo Upload & Survey Screens iPad touch screens
Backup Photo Printer, DSLR Camera, Hotspot, Upload Screen & Computer Two of the electronics in your booth is our Standard Operating Proceedure
Optional Surveys & Data Collection Upon request
Electrical (1 Dedicated Circuit) 120VAC 20 amps.