*NEW* Posing, Shooting, Branding, Printing and Social Media Uploading all-the-while
A Roving & Roaming Photo Booth Experience For Events

The only photo booth that roves, roams, meanders and wanders around Trade Events, Weddings, Fundraisers, Expos & Mitzvahs with it's attached photographer. ANYWHERE YOUR CLIENTS OR GUESTS ARE, THIS PHOTO BOOTH & PHOTOGRAPHER COMES OVER TO THEM!! The photo booth on a stick is 100% battery operated while in roving/roaming mode, uses AC power when in statinary mode. Can rove/roam 50% of the time for cocktails then become a stationary booth for a green screen, animated GIF or step & repeat experience the remaining time.

Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen

A STEP AND REPEAT PHOTO EXPERIENCE is a backdrop display that has one or more sponsor logos repeated in a "step" or diagonal, alternating pattern. (see below) Custom step and repeat banner production is available in both 8'H x 8'W or 8'H x 10'W sizes, and is available as an adjunct to our shoot, print & upload packages.

Green Screen

An INSTANT HEAD SHOT PHOTO EXPERIENCE drives traffic to your trade show exhibition booth with a Digital Headshot Photo Lounge providing complimentary headshots taken immediately onsite. A fresh, updated headshot gives your visitors the online presence necessary in today's business world to get ahead. It's a great business tool that they can employ right away and receive their photos taken with a professional photographer and retrieve their best selected looks and the best headshot is uploaded with your custom text message or a gallery can also be created and fully customized with company logos & branding. The participants can also receive their photos via email directly onsite.

Green Screen

An ANIMATED GIF PHOTO EXPERIENCE consists of a photographer, a color correction photo editor working in unison combining a custom photo print border along with Animated GIF overlays that can advertise your event’s unique hashtag along with the sponsor's logo. They consist of creating 4-6 seperate photo images which are put together as an animated GIF file. Your trade show exhibition booth visitors immediately share their Animated GIF file on Twitter and Instagram using our instant upload touch screens.

Green Screen


1. A painted wall unit painted with theatrical Chrome-A-Key green paint. (see below)
2. A 10 foot wide by 8 foot high pipe and drape stand frame (as provided at most trade show events). we affix our Chrome-A -Key fabric background to the pipe stand frame.
3. We can provide a standard 10 foot wide by 8 foot high Green Screen photographic background & stands (allow for a 12' wide area). Accommodates 3-6 people maximum.
4. A custom sized background configuration from " 5' to as large as 20' across.

Green Screen

A HOLLYWOOD STYLE EXPERIENCE with a Fashion Director and celeb/glam prop box containing fashion sun glasses, fur wraps smoking jacket, tunic, glitzy jewelery, a real electric guitar, assorted musical instruments, awards statues, and other celeb/glam props are just one of the themed options we offer.

AUTHENTIC, REAL AND CORPORATE BRANDED PROPS With our over active imaginations and years of experience working on, in and around "West Coast" major film studio sound stages employed in various theatrical capacities such as prop and set building, combined with access to a huge smorgasbord of resources, we are repeatedly tasked to come up with many diverse and imaginative themed interactive photo experiences for a range of corporate clients. "Let us create a legitimate and for real DRESS UP interactive experience for your clients or guests that will exceed your expectations. We will take your branded photo activation or corporate photo experience to the next level!


Green Screen

ELECTRONIC DATA CAPTUE & LEAD GENERATION We offer data capture and lead generation for trade shows, conventions, expos, and other events. In order to collect data, we use the allure of low cost effective instant photo marketing as the draw. Most people will not pass up a FREE photo opportunity, would you? These procedures are an expansion and added benefit of our onsite photo posting software. Request a quote for branded green screen step and repeat or candid photography, instant on-site photo printing & uploading to social media with value conscious data collection for measurable results (at no additional charge).

Green Screen

WE PROVIDE A CELLULAR INTERNET HOTSPOT We make use of our VERIZON cellular hotspot for instant photo uploading to the visitor's Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Image To Cellphone text messages. (see above) Your custom post message accompanies all uploaded images. As part of our seamless process, email addresses and survey information is captured and recorded on our off site server for post-event delivery and analysis (in an EXCEL spreadsheet) by your sales team for measurable results (at no additional charge).

3 BRANDED UPLOAD TOUCH SCREENS are included with each of our Stationary Print and Upload Stations for instant visitor uploading of images. Notice the identical and independent HI-SPEED 5x7 BACKUP PHOTO PRINTER (above or to the left), its always prewired and ready as a backup - "just in case."

2+ BRANDED VISITOR UPLOAD TOUCH SCREENS are built into our Roving and Roaming portable event photography system called Photo Booth On A Stick. It's fully capable of doing every task our Stationary Print and upload stations can do including posing, shooting, branding, printing and instant uploading of guest and client images. Plus, the unit can work as a stationary Green Screen, Step and Repeat Logo Wall, Animated GIF's, Head Shot Studio, Hashtag Printing and Candid photo experience. The editing computer on the Photobooth On A Stick can double as a 3rd upload screen, when the need arises. The unit it a deeply feature rich piece of equipment in a Roving, Roaming, Meandering and Wandering or a stationary setup. Contact us for your next corporate brand event or multi-city tour.

Several Forms Of Printed Image Delivery To Choose From

7.5"x8" Custom Imprinted Mouse Pad with a Photo Window, 5x7's in Black Cardboard Easel Folder Frame or 5"x7" Prints in a Poly Bag

Green Screen
Green Screen
Green Screen

EXCLUSIVE ITEM Printed 5x7 color images delivered in clear PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) poly envelopes in just 12 seconds for application onto the outside of your visitor's carried swag bags. (see below)

Green Screen

Candid, Step & Repeat & Green Screen activation photographers available for instant shooting, on-site photo printing & uploading and data capture in: Seattle - Spokane - Portland, Las Vegas, San Diego - San Francisco - Anaheim - Los Angeles - Long Beach, Denver, Phoenix - Tucson, Salt Lake City - Park City, Dallas - Fort Worth - Austin - Houston - San Antonio, Cabo, Belize, Puarta Vallarta, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Detroit, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando - Tampa - Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Nassau, Montego Bay, New York - Boston - Philadelphia, Washington DC - Williamsburg and all US corporate event convention markets nationwide.

DSLR Camera, Print & Posting Kiosk GIVE US 45 DAYS OR MORE, YOU'LL SAVE 20%
Images Posted To Social Media With your message
Photo Upload & Survey Screens iPad touch screens
Backup Photo Printer, DSLR Camera, Hotspot, Upload Screen & Computer Two of the electronics in your booth is our Standard Operating Proceedure
Optional Surveys & Data Collection Upon request
Electrical (1 Dedicated Circuit) 120VAC 20 amps.

Your trade booth or corporate event visitors receive the perfect souvenir photo every time. Green Screen photography is a great option for increasing traffic at any special event, trade show booth or corporate business event. Bringing photo marketing activations into your trade show booth and making people smile, sure is a fun job for us!